Steam on Scilly's starting point.

gable outline image

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The gable wall opposite the exit to the science lab at Five Islands School is a large white wall. It is a canvas just waiting for something inspirational with a science background. After agreement with the Headteacher the project could start, we met as a team of teachers to flesh out our ideas. We wanted to get an image based on the experiences that children have here on the Scillies as they grow up on the islands and progress through the school. During ‘National Science week’ a competition was held for the school students to suggest an outline of what the wall might look like. The results of this were combined to give the framework of the Bishop Rock lighthouse surrounded by hexagons that contained contributions from every child on the islands and hopefully members of the local community and possibly those further away. The lighthouse is a strong image for the island community, the hexagons tessellate to form a larger and more complex image like the islands do.